Zazzled Monogrammed Mugs for the Holidays!

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A couple of Christmases ago, I made mugs that were personalized, taking plain white mugs and drawing initials on them, in black and white.  They looked great, and had that personal touch.

Template for Mug - You can color the lettering!

Coloring the background red heats it up!

Template for Mug - You can color the lettering!

Here’s the lettering I really like – Letter “A”

But.  After a bit the lettering comes off in the dishwasher. (People forget to hand-wash, or someone else does the dishes).  Then I came across a font I really liked – this one

Personalized mugs! I’ve already put the letters on; all
you need to do is pick from several mug styles. You can
change the coloring a little, if you want.

These are for booklovers (I rationalize) because
there are also matching bookplates! You needn’t order those, of course, but what a nice gift for someone. Or for you!
The lettering is rustic and/or medieval – an elegant look. The black on white is classic, but you can also change the coloring behind the lettering if you want.

To change the coloring on the lettering, you’re actually changing the background coloring of the mug. The mugs have different colors, so first pick the color mug you want (down at the bottom).


1) Choose “Customize It” —>

2) Edit (to the right) —>

3) Select Background (last item in drop down menu).

4) Click on color and see which one you like!

5) Enjoy your finished product!

When done, just “Add to Cart”…

To see what your letter looks like, click on it below and go to zazzle to see it on this mug and others!

Mug Letter A ,
Mug Letter B ,
Mug Letter C ,
Mug Letter D ,
Mug Letter E ,
Mug Letter F ,
Mug Letter G ,
Mug Letter H ,
Mug, Letter I ,
Mug, Letter J ,
Mug, Letter K ,
Mug, Letter L ,
Mug, Letter M ,
Mug, Letter N ,
Mug, Letter O ,
Mug, Letter P ,
Mug, Letter Q ,
Mug, Letter R ,
Mug, Letter S ,
Mug, Letter T ,
Mug, Letter U ,
Mug, Letter V ,
Mug, Letter W ,
Mug, Letter X ,
Mug, Letter Y ,
Mug, Letter Z

(more things with this monogram!)

Letter G - Medevial style monogram envelopes Tote Bags
Letter I  Medevial style monogram Greeting Cards
Letter D Greeting Card
Letter M Charm or Bracelet
Letter J Charm or Bracelet
Letter D Charm or Bracelet
Letter J Medevial style monogram envelopes
Letter K Medevial style monogram envelopes
Letter I - Medevial style monogram envelopes
Letter K Medevial style monogram envelopes

,In association with

NOTE: Selecting these items will take you to our “Friendly Spirit Booklover’s Gifts” on, where you can personalize and order these items OR create your own! Click on a design to see the larger version, A Friendly Spirit is not owned by and is not owned by A Friendly Spirit – these are separate companies, not owned by the same person. I am an independent graphic artist whose work is used by – I am only paid a small royalty fee for use of my graphics in a zazzle shop I use. does all of the printing, packing, shipping, fees collections and returns for any products sold on Please note – products purchased through must be returned through Please follow their returns policies and procedures,
here .

Blowout Sale for Bookplates!!

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SILLYSALESIGNGoing out of (Antioch) Bookplates Business Sale!!!  Yes, it’s happening, at last!

I’ve got lots of Antioch bookplates, as well as bookplates printed for me by Antioch – and I’m going to STOP selling them this year!  So, from now until November 1st, 2014, they’re for sale.

Bookstores, libraries, gift stores, teachers who already have a wholesale account should have received an e-mail with their sale information – all they have to do is log into their account and the sale price will show up.  On top of that, they get an additional discount – they can use the discount coupon below!   Woot!

Return shoppers get a discount too!

If you have an account with my on-line business, log onto your account (sorry, this applies only for existing accounts).  Your price are set up at 10% off of the regular retail pricing. NOTE:  Your 10% returning shopper discount only applies if you log in to your account FIRST! (Sorry, this only applies to those who already have an account set up).

Apply the discount coupon and you’ll get another 20% off of the discounted price!  Woot Too!

But WAIT – even if you don’t have an account set up — you STILL get to use the 20% off discount!

At check-out, use BOOKPLATECLOSEOUT2014

Coupon is good until November 1st – this section of my business will be closed as of November 15th, although the zazzle stores and bookplates will continue on!

All sales are final – customer pays shipping.  Discount is for bookplates in this store only, and does not apply to anything for sale in my zazzle shops.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Bookstore to Bookstore

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A plan is developing.  When I thought about living the RV life, one of the ways to make money I thought might be to go bookstore to bookstore, around the U.S., selling and delivering bookplates.

christmas tree books

A Booklover’s Christmas

Most likely that doesn’t make sense.  I’m not sure what kind of a license one would need to do that – I have a license in Ohio to sell in different locations, but in different states? Although I suppose my HQ is Ohio.

But (as usual) I digress.  I’m working on freeing myself of my bookplate inventory.  And I’m also trying to map out a travel route for November and December, something that would be fun.  What, I ask myself, could be more fun than visiting independent bookstores from here to Midland, Texas? And relieving myself of bookplates?

This is sort of the reverse of what I used to do for a living – I used to visit on average 3 bookstores a day, most often Waldenbooks (remember them?) as well as independent bookstores.  I’d take inventory, write up orders and they’d have bookplates (and bookmarks) shipped to them from The Antioch Bookplate, later Antioch Publishing Company.  I actually LOVED doing this.  On the upside, I got paid for my gas mileage and a small stipend for food and lodging.  Oh well.

So, this does sound like fun.  I’m looking up independents on the way, or not too far off the path.  Bookplates are for sale now, but not going like hot cakes – they’ll be plenty left to take with.  Even if they all sell, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than visit bookstores. I LOVE bookstores, books and booksellers!

So, let’s say I have a bunch of bookplates left. With Christmas coming, I think I’ll be giving them away, first to booksellers.  Giving me something (a book, coffee, letting me sleep in the parking lot), would be optional. Perhaps if a store doesn’t want it, giveaway to people somewhere else? (Not outside the bookstore, poor form!)

Here’s my roughly planned could change at any moment route to Midland – from the Dayton Ohio area to Louisville, KY through Indiana, then Illinois, then Missouri and down into Oklahoma and into Texas.

Rough Bookplate Giveaway Route

Rough Bookplate Giveaway Route

Oh why not? So much better than the bonfire idea I’d come up with!

Should I notify the stores that I’m coming or keep it loose and by surprise?


Big change coming -and a discount too!

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Hard to believe four months have gone by since last I posted something here.  And things, they are a’changing!

It’s time to start traveling a little and therefore, stop picking, packing, invoicing and shipping bookplates out from my house.  I’ll be keeping my Print on Demand side of the business, but bookplates are going.

First, already existing wholesalers – bookstores, libraries, gift shops, teachers – have been invited by an e-mail I sent out today to dig through my latest inventory of goods and take what they want!  For a price, of course, but heavy discounts do apply.

Regular shoppers can dig around too, of course!  Repeat customers with accounts get a discount – but I’d advise everyone to wait til mid-October for a bit more of a savings. Coupon TBA then.

November 1st, I’m closing the doors on that side of the business, and by November 15th, nothing more will ship out from here. Zazzle will continue to get my attention.

If only Google let me advertise from here to there, but it’ll be their loss in my advertising dollars.  And a bit of a savings elsewhere, too, I hope.  Plus, freedom to roam around a bit.

More later!  Stay tuned!



Cat crazy….or Crazy cat lady…

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silhouette cat braceletI don’t usually go for all the cat craziness…or do I? There’s the Cat on Books bookplate that is so representative of Friendly Spirit – which made me start with cats and books (something that does go together). And then the Nana theme with cats – old lady, cat, you get the picture. Also, when my youngest was really young, bedtime stories for awhile consisted of Cat Tales, made up stories about our cat, who he had named Cat (that’s what I got for letting a two year old name a cat).

Just as I can’t seem to let go of bookplates, I can’t quite relinquish cats. Even though the last one (Cat) left here a couple of years ago, having used up his ninth life. (He lived each of those lives at least twice, living to almost twenty.)

So, when I saw charm bracelets on zazzle, I thought I’d add a charming cat to them.

Personalized Silhouette Cat Charm Bracelet Personalized Silhouette Cat Charm Bracelet by Nanas_AlleyAnd one was followed by another. No, didn’t quite make it to nine. Stopped at five (at the moment – making cat silhouettes is a bit addictive).

These are simple silhouettes – some not made by me, some yes, made by me. What fun!
Personalized Cat Licking Paw Charm by Nanas_AlleySo take a look and consider gifting a cat lover some day (Pin us and come back later!)… so cute. I haven’t done rings yet. But hmm.I feel a Cat Shop in the future.Meanwhile, gaze on these… not mine, but I want…

Mugs and half price!!

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Zazzle is offering a 50% discount on mugs until midnight today only — this is a really good deal, the last time they did this, I ordered several as graduation party gifts!

At check out, Use Code: SPECIAL4MUGS

Below is the latest design I made – you can enter up to 4 names once and they’ll appear all over the mug, in different font styles and colors, giving them an almost handmade look! If you don’t have 4 names to enter (including mom’s), you can use words that describe your feelings for dad…

-Black and White Personalized Mug

And I’m calling this next one a “Monogrammed Dad Mug”, it isn’t really monogrammed. I used the Medieval look font I have to make the word Dad… there’s also a Pop one.

You can easily take out the brown color and have it just black and white… or change the brown to something else…(instructions are on the product description!)

Don’t like these? Here are some more

….and there are tons of others, by other people, oh so nice. Or you can design your own!

A is for Annie

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so, my point here?  Personalized things like this are important to yourself, or to others, as recognition of new identities, new names, changes.