Cat crazy….or Crazy cat lady…

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silhouette cat braceletI don’t usually go for all the cat craziness…or do I? There’s the Cat on Books bookplate that is so representative of Friendly Spirit – which made me start with cats and books (something that does go together). And then the Nana theme with cats – old lady, cat, you get the picture. Also, when my youngest was really young, bedtime stories for awhile consisted of Cat Tales, made up stories about our cat, who he had named Cat (that’s what I got for letting a two year old name a cat).

Just as I can’t seem to let go of bookplates, I can’t quite relinquish cats. Even though the last one (Cat) left here a couple of years ago, having used up his ninth life. (He lived each of those lives at least twice, living to almost twenty.)

So, when I saw charm bracelets on zazzle, I thought I’d add a charming cat to them.

Personalized Silhouette Cat Charm Bracelet Personalized Silhouette Cat Charm Bracelet by Nanas_AlleyAnd one was followed by another. No, didn’t quite make it to nine. Stopped at five (at the moment – making cat silhouettes is a bit addictive).

These are simple silhouettes – some not made by me, some yes, made by me. What fun!
Personalized Cat Licking Paw Charm by Nanas_AlleySo take a look and consider gifting a cat lover some day (Pin us and come back later!)… so cute. I haven’t done rings yet. But hmm.I feel a Cat Shop in the future.Meanwhile, gaze on these… not mine, but I want…

Mugs and half price!!

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Zazzle is offering a 50% discount on mugs until midnight today only — this is a really good deal, the last time they did this, I ordered several as graduation party gifts!

At check out, Use Code: SPECIAL4MUGS

Below is the latest design I made – you can enter up to 4 names once and they’ll appear all over the mug, in different font styles and colors, giving them an almost handmade look! If you don’t have 4 names to enter (including mom’s), you can use words that describe your feelings for dad…

-Black and White Personalized Mug

And I’m calling this next one a “Monogrammed Dad Mug”, it isn’t really monogrammed. I used the Medieval look font I have to make the word Dad… there’s also a Pop one.

You can easily take out the brown color and have it just black and white… or change the brown to something else…(instructions are on the product description!)

Don’t like these? Here are some more

….and there are tons of others, by other people, oh so nice. Or you can design your own!

A is for Annie

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so, my point here?  Personalized things like this are important to yourself, or to others, as recognition of new identities, new names, changes.